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Addiction is a disease. At Rockland Treatment, our drug and alcohol treatment programs focus on the four main pillars that help build a solid foundation for long-lasting recovery.


We offer medication-assisted treatment to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as nutritional supplementation to repair the cellular damage. All treatments are supervised by our Medical Director, a practitioner board certified in addiction medicine.


We offer many different forms of therapy including individual therapy, group therapy, biofeedback stimulation, trauma recovery, and more. All sessions are managed by licensed and certified addiction therapists, mental health counselors and/or addiction specialists.


We offer education on spirituality, meditations and 12-step ideology. We regularly transport clients to local churches, temples and other places of worship and offer additional services to heal the soul such as yoga classes, massage, and science of addiction groups.


Addiction is a family disease. Therefore, we offer family and couples therapy to help repair broken relationships. We also provide disability paperwork those who need paid leave, vocational rehabilitation, 12-step groups, and many fun and recreational activities.

Rockland Treatment Center Programs

Day/Night Treatment

Our premier program will help a client regain his or her health while steadily progressing to desired treatment goals. The program involves specialized experts who not only facilitate the varying treatment modalities but also monitor daily activities and progress. We believe strongly that the disease of addiction should be treated in a supportive environment, conducive to healing and recovery. Our staff consists of men and women who have not only the highest credentials and up to date training, but most  have also walked the walk and now lead a clean and sober lifestyle

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP is a part of treatment programs for treating patients with chemical dependency. In most cases, outpatient program is considered a partial day services that will not require a patient to stay in the clinic for a long period of time. Our program is a part time schedule but rest assured that you will be intensively checked. This program design is to provide a patient the freedom to balance their drug addiction recovery process with their work or life

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Program offers individual and group therapy focused on addiction and recovery. An individual therapist will meet you on regular basis while you are undergoing your therapy. There will also be a group discussion where you are required to attend in order to accelerate your progress.

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