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Live free from addiction.
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Addiction is a disease. At Rockland Treatment Center, our addiction & disorder treatment programs focus on the four main pillars that help build a solid foundation for long-lasting recovery. Ready to start? We’re here for you. Call (727) 220-2422!


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A Road to Self Recovery

We offer medication-assisted treatment to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as nutritional supplementation to repair any cellular damage.

We offer many different forms of therapy, including individual therapy, group therapy, biofeedback stimulation, trauma recovery, and more. All sessions are managed by licensed and certified addiction therapists, mental health counselors and/or addiction specialists.

We offer education on spirituality, meditations and 12-step ideology. We regularly transport clients to local churches, temples and other places of worship and offer additional services to heal the soul such as yoga classes, massage, and science of addiction groups.

Addiction is a family disease. Therefore, we offer family and couples therapy to help repair broken relationships. We also provide disability paperwork for those who need paid leave, vocational rehabilitation, 12-step groups, and many fun and recreational activities.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

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