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Our Treatment Approach and Recovery Methods

Our treatment approach combines the best of leading-edge advancements in the field of addictions along with those tried and true principles of the 12-step model. By offering our clients the same methodologies, no matter the level of care, we maintain clinical consistency throughout the course of their treatment. No matter what level of treatment you are in, treatment modalities and interventions remain consistent for you and everyone who seeks the best in treatment and recovery.

All treatment at Rockland Treatment Center is Evidenced-Based

These types of treatments are backed scientifically to produce positive results. An evidence-based approach always looks at new research and studies and re-evaluates treatment methods based on findings. As the understanding of addiction and addiction recovery change, we continually strive to bring best practices into our treatment modalities and interventions.

The foundation from which our program evolves is based on a concept known throughout the addictions field as the “Stages of Change”

At Rockland Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans are developed through the Stages of Change model. What this means is that we meet you, the client, where you are mentally, physically and spiritually, helping you to overcome the deep-rooted issues that have caused your addiction to take hold. Utilizing a carefully selected multitude of therapies and incorporating the Stages of Change model throughout your program means you will have the best cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment experience you can possibly find.

As you move through the treatment process, your individualized treatment plan may remain constant or may be modified, depending on where you are. What this means is that you’ll have a team of clinical experts evaluating and re-evaluating your progress and introducing interesting and beneficial methods of treatment to maximize your recovery.

Examples of methods used to maximize your treatment and recovery include:

  • 12-Step Participation: Throughout your treatment, self-help meetings will be available to you.
  • Neurofeedback: This is direct training of the brain to learn to function more efficiently.
  • Interactive Journaling: An ongoing process of recording your thoughts and feelings.
  • Art Therapy: The ability to express yourself through creativity helps in the healing process.
  • Nutritional and Dietary needs addressed: Proper diet and supplements enhance your recovery.
  • Group, individual, and family therapies.
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