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Group, Individual Therapy

At Rockland Treatment Center, we fully understand how empathetic people can work as supportive agents to promote healthy recovery. Our drug rehabilitation programs include counseling in group or individual settings.

Group Therapy

Group discussion helps to optimize the treatment as a patient can meet friends with the same sobriety. We arrange schedules so these peers can talk openly about their feelings and how they deal with alcoholism or drug use.

Witnessing other patients feel the same way as you do can relieve the burden on your shoulder, knowing that you are not alone and realizing that you have many others at your back who wants you to get better.

Group discussion therapy can enhance a person’s psychological state. This technique has been used by many leading rehab centers to learn an appropriate treatment when coping with such addiction. During this session, patients from different backgrounds of addiction are gathered. They can share their experience, and it can be a personal moving story or the education they receive during the treatment.

Our professional psychologist will step up as a moderator to record the discussion flow. A group discussion has been medically proven to be an effective form of counseling at an affordable price.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is combined with group discussion so that therapists may have a progress record on each patient and see how these clients manage to overcome their situation. Our dedicated counselors are here to engage with you in person through comfortable conversation and helpful advice.

At Rockland Treatment Center, we make sure the patient’s participation in group counseling can reflect the progress during their private consultation. Despite the social skills formed in a group discussion, an individual therapy session is necessary to create a person’s best self.

It dynamically helps to ease the pain that has been repressed inside their feelings. When they are able to let go, they can develop fast recovery.

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