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Levels of Treatment

Our Integrated Program For Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental disorders are just as significant as physical disorders. Co-occurring disorders can be treated effectively using high impact programs including:

  • Improving brain function
  • Enhancing mood with nutritious supplements
  • Incorporating family members for recovery treatment
  • Improving quality of life

With an integrated system, our programs are conducted by experts, technicians, experienced therapists, and other published methods that have been clinically approved throughout the community. Rockland Treatment Center is well prepared to tackle both substance withdrawal and the mental disorder it has caused.

We are fully aware of the consequences when co-occurring disorders go untreated. Many of the consequences include mortality and incarceration. But it does not have to end that way. With this in mind, we opt to give intensive care for mental and drug addiction problems at the same place using the same treatment.

Therapy and group sessions are held daily, and clients meet with their therapists individually on a weekly basis. Clients attend groups on relapse prevention, developing responsible behaviors and coping skills. A minimum of 90 minutes per week is required. This service is provided in a group or on an individual basis.

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