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Co-Occurring Disorders

When alcohol and drug use interferes with work or school activities, it becomes clear that a person suffers from a co-occurring disorder. People with this disorder will experience mental illness due to their substance abuse. This condition is also known as dual disorder. 

At Rockland Treatment Center, we understand how existing mental health conditions can be affected by substance use. It causes an imbalanced life and may change an individual’s behavior. With the widespread nature of these disorders, we are motivated to help millions of adults with the proper care required to enhance recovery.

In the past few years, mental illness and addiction were treated differently and separately. However, with the help of constant research, we are now able to affirm that drug use and alcoholism are both related to mental disorders, which eventually must be treated at the same time.

Our integrated program for co-occurring disorders

At Rockland Treatment Center, we address mental disorders as significant as physical disorders. Co-occurring disorders can be treated at a minimum cost with effective results using high-impact programs, including:

  • Substance withdrawal using detoxification
  • Improving brain function
  • Enhancing mood with nutritious supplements
  • Incorporating family members for recovery treatment
  • Improving life quality

With an integrated system, our programs are conducted by experts, technicians, experienced therapists using published methods that have been clinically approved throughout the community. We are well prepared to tackle both substance withdrawal and the mental disorder it has caused.

We are fully aware of the untreated co-occurring disorders threats. Many of the consequences include mortality and incarceration. We know that it does not have to end that way.

With this in mind, we opt to give intensive care for mental and drug addiction problems at the same place using the same treatment.

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