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Twelve Step Program Involvement

At Rockland Treatment Center, we aim to restore a client’s health both mentally and physically. Using new and traditional methods, our all-encompassing treatment incorporates the use of the twelve steps.

The twelve-step program is based on spiritual principles. Our course outlines every action taken to help a client recover from their addiction and behavioral problems caused by the substance abuse.

The twelve-step program has been proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous. The book is about how more than a hundred patients recovered from alcoholism. The effective technique was proven to be relevant during that time. Now, Rockland sees the opportunity to develop the program with the following procedures of treatment.

  • Admit that an addict needs help: With all of the hoarding and dysfunctional conditions, a person cannot control the compulsion alone. A patient must admit that sometimes the addiction becomes unmanageable.
  • Believe in a higher power: There is a higher power that can restore a person and give strength.
  • Analyzing what was wrong: The past should be examined in order to move on. This can be done with one of our well-experienced therapists.
  • Working with the mistakes: As the problem has been rooted, it is time to fix things utilizing the expertise of our highly trained staff.
  • Living a new life: At Rockland Treatment Center, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance for a new healthy life. It is built with a set of new ethics that are implemented in each client.
  • Helping others: It is important to feel good about yourself. With this in mind, Rockland ensures that you can feel great by helping other people who may have the same compulsion or addiction.
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