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Outpatient Program

Drug addiction group therapy allows people to find friends with the same sobriety. Patients with different addiction backgrounds share their experiences and learn how to cope with addiction. Understanding that they are not alone, people feel strong and motivated. Each client will receive a minimum of 2 hours a week of therapy, including 2 individual sessions.

With the help of Drug Addiction Individual Therapy, our professional medical workers check whether the patient’s participation in group counseling reflects the progress during a private consultation. Individual therapies help patients to focus on their recovery. Our counselors provide patients with helpful advice and comfortable conversations.

Group discussion has been medically proven to be effective counseling at an affordable price. Individual therapy is necessary to make a person self-confident. Drug rehabilitation programs at Rockland Treatment Center include counseling in a group or individual setting.

At Rockland Treatment Center, we fully understand how empathetic people can work as supportive agents to promote healthy recovery.

Our drug rehabilitation programs include counseling in group or individual settings.

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