Family Outreach Program

We understand how difficult it is to attempt a healthy life after treatment. That is why we bring your family in to be your number one supporter.

At Rockland Treatment Center, we address the addiction cycle at its core.  Addiction is a family disease that affect the relationships that mean the most to us. The unbearable heartache and the lack of trust may need some amendments.

One of our effective programs help to incorporate the family relationship into the healing session. We believe that your loved ones understands you the most and by participating in our family outreach program, you can have a closer bond with the rest of your family.

Our family outreach program is specially designed to build a good foundation for you to recover. With the involvement of your significant others, this program is aimed to improve a patient’s self awareness and increase the communication skills.

Our self care tools incorporate

  • One on one and group counseling
  • Interactive discussion with the counselor via phone or face to face
  • Family supports during intensive care
  • Family support during weekend programs

We understand that family involvement will accelerate the patient’s recovery and prevent them from having to relapse back on drug and alcohol because they have been equipped with the important basic ideas of family intervention.

Your family is allowed to attend meetings and give a full support for you. We give each patient the same chance to develop during each recovery program. When the family participation is incorporated during the recovery process, a person can live a happy and healthy life once again.

We also want to show every family that their love one is being seriously taken care by highly qualified specialists so they can have a peaceful mind.

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