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Live Free From Addiction

Now Accepting Medicaid

Addiction is a disease. At Rockland Treatment Center, our addiction & disorder treatment programs help build a solid foundation for long-lasting recovery. We believe that addiction treatment should be accessible for all those who need it. Therefore, we accept most major insurances, including Medicaid. 

Begin Addiction Treatment With Medicaid

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Benefits of Medicaid

Medicaid provides health insurance for low-income individuals and families. It is a federal and state partnership, with each state administering its own Medicaid plan. In Florida, individuals may use their Medicaid benefits for addiction treatment at centers like ours at Rockland.

Even though you have Medicaid, you may still be responsible for co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles. These costs vary depending on your income level and if your prescriptions are covered under a separate plan.

Here are some common questions associated with Medicaid benefits and addiction treatment:

Is Rehabilitation Covered?

One of the greatest benefits of Medicaid in Florida is that it covers addiction treatment centers. In order for rehabilitation services to be covered, you may need to meet certain eligibility requirements. However, our team can help you determine your eligibility based on your diagnosis.

Is Mental Health Covered?

In order to qualify for mental health coverage, you must have a mental illness. This term is typically defined as a condition that causes serious functional impairments in three or more of the following areas: thinking, feeling, interacting with others, and adapting. At Rockland, we assess every patient for co-occurring disorders. This is an extremely common situation where patients have both a mental illness and addiction, with one usually causing the other.

What Mental Health Services Are Covered? 

Typically, Medicaid covers inpatient hospitalizations, residential treatment (e.g., group homes), intensive outpatient services (e.g., partial-hospitalization programs) and community support services (e.g., case management). Medicaid in Florida will typically cover addiction and mental health services.

Get Started on Your Road to Recovery with Medicaid Support

Our rehabilitation facilities are located in New Port Richey, Florida. These state-of-the-art treatment centers are designed to feel like a home, helping you recover in the most comfortable way possible. With both outpatient and inpatient programs, we have the drug and alcohol rehabilitation support to fit every need.  

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