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Common Myths About Rehab

Published: August 19, 2020

While there are as many as 16.3 million people who are considered heavy drinkers, only a small percentage (about 1.6%) of people who need treatment for drug addiction seek help, according to National Survey on Drug Use and Habits. It is unfortunate that some drug addicts believe the myths about rehab and fail to seek help. What they fail to realize is that addiction is a disease and therefore need treatment just like any other disease.

People generally have a bad perception of addiction, and the general public tends to stigmatize those with an addiction. The truth is that the majority of people have no idea what happens in a rehab facility, what it is like, and whether it works or not.

Read on to learn more about the most common myths about rehab. We are devoted to empowering you to make a sound decision in seeking recovery. Seeking help is a big step to healing from addiction, and nothing should stop you from leading a healthy life.

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Being in Rehab is like being in jail.

Really! It is false.

Fact: Experience you get in a rehab facility is absolutely different from what you would experience when in jail. The main focus of the rehab center is to give you a conducive environment to heal from alcohol and drug addiction and maintain sobriety. You are free to join or leave a rehab facility any time, unlike in jail, where you have to complete your jail term.

Rehab centers are also very accommodating. Some do even provide activities such as hikes, swimming, basketball to allow you to socialize and bond with others.

Myth: Rehab is too expensive, you can’t afford it

Fact: While rehab may be expensive, especially when you play to stay at the facility over a long period, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford it. In fact, health insurance may cover a significant portion of the cost. If you consider how much you spend on drugs or alcohol and how much you will pay for rehab, you will be surprised that you will save a lot of money once you successfully finish the treatment.

Myth: You are strong enough to stop doing drugs when you need to. Rehabilitation is not essential.

Fact: According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is a chronic disease of the brain. So, you need treatment to help recondition your mental, physical, and emotional health to lead a healthy life without having to use drugs. This is why you need rehab. The comprehensive programs offered in rehab will help you avoid triggers and maintain sobriety.

Myth: You have to “lose it all” to go to rehab.

Fact: you don’t need to reach at the rock bottom for you to consider going for rehab. You need help as early as possible, even when you are just a functional addict – able to carry out your duties. Don’t wait to reach your low point. Go for rehab now before it is too late – it works for sure.

Myth: Rehab is for the famous.

Fact: Rehab is for everyone who needs help – not just for celebrities. It is not a form of entertainment, as some may think. Rather, rehab is meant to better your life by providing as much help as possible to quit drugs and remain sober. Don’t be discouraged when you see a celebrity in TVs fail to complete their treatment program. Find out what made them fall back to drugs. Were there any triggers? Learn from their mistakes and be convinced that you will stay sober after completing your treatment.

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