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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Published: September 20, 2019

Dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) is a term for when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously. The professional fields of mental health and substance use recovery have different cultures, so finding integrated care can challenging.

There are many reasons that people turn to drugs or alcohol, from social pressures, to a desire to feel a certain way, to curiosity. People may also use alcohol or drugs because of a desire to escape reality, relieve stress, forget a trauma, ease physical or emotional discomfort, manage side effects of other drugs or medications, or try and reduce symptoms of mental illness. The term self-medicating can unfortunately into addiction and this is why Rockland Treatment Centers is fully equipt used dual diagnosis treatment centers. We also know this is more common than people think. Addiction can start in a myriad of different ways depending on the individual, circumstances, mental illness, hereditary, nature vs nurture, nevertheless dual diagnosis treatment centers are imperative as mental illness may be the catalyst for the addiction, but sadly now the patient has and the dual diagnosis treatment center must get to the root cause of the reason for the addiction and treat the patient accordingly! 

Dual diagnosis treatment centers have a challenge as to which came first the addition or the mental illness? Once a patient comes to a dual diagnosis treatment centers across the nation as we at Rockland Treatment Center see this more than you’d imagine! When the enter our program we just like all of the other dual diagnosis treatment centers they’re usually in full-blown addiction, so peeling back these layers through Rockland Treatment  Centers intensive 12 step-based treatment plan, one on one and group therapy sessions, health and wellness, and meditation under a medical doctors care, as we’ll also recommend once patient is stable, join our intensive outpatient treatment program so even when a dual diagnosis treatment centers did their job a patient can achieve the immense success and learn life skills at Rockland Treatment Center to start living again with addiction and mental illness under control, yes a happy life is possible! 

Dual diagnosis treatment centers will honestly say this might be harder work, more intense ongoing treatment, but Rockland Treatment Center has many success stories that “It works if you work it!”…and at Rockland Treatment Center you’ll never work it alone!    

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